I think the thing is, the odds are the odds

I always fight control at least in my heart if not in my daily routines. I am a slave to the grind who realizes just how much the grind erodes my freedom. But I am lazy so I never do much about it. I think the thing is, the odds are the odds. Career average QB don just suddenly become great. If you completed 60 some percent of your passes your whole career and suddenly complete 70 for a period of time, the chances are really good you are going to only complete 50% at some point to «make up for it».

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TBH, when I ate a more traditional diet, I would relentlessly track calories/macros. It worked for me, but it a bit of work. When I started keto, I tracked things on MFP for about a week, then quickly realized as long as I ate certain things and avoided others, I be fine.

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