There are about 160 Roosevelt elk in the lower Cowichan Valley

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cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys from china Conservation officer Scott Norris, who was shown a photograph.Norris said it almost unbelievable that the man walked away with no serious injuries given the damage. A typical bull elk weighs 500 to 700 pounds, slightly less than a moose, all of which are in the deer family.miraculous amazing, said Norris.There are about 160 Roosevelt elk in the lower Cowichan Valley. While the animals are in mating season, vehicle encounters occur especially when it dark mostly because of the sheer number of elk in the area, Norris said.The elk, about the size of a horse, commonly feed in highway ditches and cross the roadway, he said.almost every month that we have an elk encounter cheap jerseys shop review on the highway, said Norris.While the elk are hard to see in the dark because of their colouring, they are also hit in the daytime, despite warning signs in the area, he said.not really a rhyme or reason other than they are there and it a fairly busy highway. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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